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Playing Online Slots in the US in 2016

Posted by: Daveon: 01 Jan, 2016

Another year down, another year without legal online slots in the United States. Why won’t the US government just regulate online slots along with other games that I can play over in Europe and other parts of the developed world? Right now, your only options are a handful of good online casinos and a ton of mediocre or shady websites that really can’t be trusted.

There are still some places that offer real money us slots. You just have to be careful who you trust your money with, however. There have been a lot of online casinos that used to be legitimate that have fallen on hard times and have either folded up shop or have had major customer complaints over the past couple of years.

Most of the places that I used to play slots at 5 years ago are either gone, such as English Harbour, Go Casino, and Online Vegas, or they are now considered to be rogue casinos, such as the list I’m about to talk about.

While I still play slots at the local casinos we have downtown, there are only a couple of websites that I still play online. One of them is Slots.lv casino. The main reason is that I’m still able to make deposits without much difficulty and there are a lot of good customer reviews. It’s nice to know that not all of the slots websites online that accept US customers have payment processing problems.

This brings me to my next point. Why can’t the banks just go back to processing payments like normal? There technically isn’t any federal law that bans the use of real money online slots. My Galaxy 6 bombards me with all kinds of new free slots apps that should be able to accept money, but alas there are still problems even though my state doesn’t have any laws on the books either.

So, we are stuck with the old online casinos played on computers just like we had back in 2007 when things were so much easier. But, now I have to worry if I’ll get my payment from most of these places if I ever win a big payline. I couldn’t imagine hitting a slot for a couple of thousand dollars only to have my payment delayed by several months.

There are so many of the old casinos that I used to go to that have all kinds of customer service problems. Most of them have to do with delayed payments and in some cases non-payment of players.

The one thing that I have noticed is that most of the slots players tend to get paid quicker than those that play at the card tables such as blackjack. All casinos need slots players since those games have the highest house advantage in most cases. Slots is how a lot of casinos make their money, so they don’t want to get those customers upset.

Some of the casinos that I used to go to that aren’t very reliable anymore (based upon the reviews of other players): Cool Cat Casino, Rushmore Casino, Cherry Red, Slots Oasis, Pure Vegas, Slots of Vegas, Palace of Chance, Ruby Slots, WinPalace (remind me to change the banner sometime), Golden Cherry, Slots Jungle, Slots of Fortune … and on and on. And mind you, those are just the ones that I have played at in the past.

Some of those casinos are completely rogue and others on that list have just had payment problems that are probably caused by the lack of reliable processing on the casino’s part. Without much hope of future regulations outside of the states of New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware, it’s going to be like this for a long time to come. Just be careful with your money if you decide to play slots online and make sure that you feel comfortable with the online casino that you choose.

    Thank You and Come Again!

    Posted by: Daveon: 15 Jun, 2015

    The online casino game is highly competitive. Due to the sheer number of online casinos in existence today, they must compete to not only attract, but also to retain customers. They attract customers in many ways. The design of their site, the variety of games they offer (poker, blackjack, slots, bingo, etc.), and the name of their casino all play a role in how they market themselves to attract players. Of all the ways a casino markets itself, the First Deposit Bonuses probably rank the highest in terms of what attracts new customers. And of all the ways a casino works to retain existing customers, Reload Bonuses are likely to have the greatest impact.

    With nearly every casino offering a First Deposit Bonus, why would a player continue to deposit at a particular online casino when he could get more bang for his buck by just moving from casino to casino? Consider the following example from a player over at Bitcoin Casino. Let’s say his bankroll is depleted or he has cashed out. Instead of depositing again, he seeks out another casino with a First Deposit Bonus, creates and account, and plays there until his bankroll is depleted or he cashes out. He’d then start the process of finding a new casino all over again. There are a few reasons why this isn’t the norm.

    First, the reliability of each new casino is always in question. For as many reputable casinos that are out there, there are just as many fly-by-night sites that fail to pay out when they’re supposed to. Also, an unknown casino might become tied up in some legal dispute and their funds get frozen and you don’t get your payout.

    Next, there may be hoops to jump through to get your payout. Different casinos have different ways of paying you, and different rules for withdrawals. If you are all set up at a casino where you’ve been satisfied with the ease of your transactions and timeliness of receipt of withdrawals, you’d be wary to move to a new casino, even if they ARE offering an attractive bonus. After all, a bonus is only attractive if you can withdraw it with ease.

    Finally, there is the value of good customer service. Even if the casino you’re currently playing at has horrible customer service with poor response times and ineffective help, you may not want to move to another casino because their customer service might be worse. Like the old saying goes, “better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t.” But if you’re at a casino where you’ve been satisfied with their service, you probably realize that you’ve got it pretty good and you don’t want to risk winding up at a place where your questions won’t be answered for days, or maybe at all (especially when your money is at stake).

    Of course there’s the natural fear of change whereby most people stay with what they know. There’s research that’s been done on this and the great effort it takes for people to change products they use or places that they frequent. That’s one of the main reasons that casinos offer the First Deposit Bonus in the first place. It’s to try to motivate you to try someplace new. But to actively try to retain customers, online casinos offer the Reload Bonus.

    The Reload Bonus is usually less than the First Deposit Bonus, but it is a substantial incentive to keep playing at a particular casino. These bonuses can be of great benefit to the consistent player who doesn’t cash out often as the fair-weather player. When offered, the Reload Bonus can be activated by making a subsequent deposit into your already established account. It’s like the casino saying to you, “Thank you and come again!”

    As always, read the fine print for any bonus. While some Reload Bonuses are never-ending, they all come with eligibility and wagering requirements before you can withdraw. The best casinos are ones that help you keep track of your bonus withdrawal eligibility using a dashboard-type interface. That way, there’s no question of whether or not you can start a request for withdrawal.

      Finding an online casino suite to play at is easy. Many online casinos offer free casino downloads or a large casino bonus to come and try out their site. Check out Online Casinos Doc for more valuable information.

      Payout Percentage is Important at Online Slots

      Posted by: Daveon: 25 Sep, 2014

      As you may have very well heard before, slot machines should always be played with the entertainment factor in mind. Trying to pick out one type of slot machine from another in an attempt to find the best paying and loosest game, is a waste of valuable time, considering it is impossible to gauge exactly what one’s odds of winning are at the slots. However, there are ways in which players can seek out machines best suited to their individual bankroll and gambling practices.

      When it comes to payout percentages, these can be very helpful in selecting a place to make wagers over the internet. Slots payout percentage reflects the amount of paybacks a machine gives over a period of time in comparison with the amount of money put into that machine over the same time span.

      In regards to online casinos, payout percentages are usually determined over a thirty day time period, which are then verified by independent auditors and published one month thereafter. Therefore, the slot machine payouts for an online casino in August will not be available for view usually until October or late September at the earliest.

      It is safe to say the average payouts over the last six months at a casino represent the payouts being delivered at the most current time. And although a few tenth’s of a percentage is not going to make a difference in the short term (relatively speaking), it is not uncommon to find two casinos offering payout percentages differing by as much as 10% or more.

      Currently, the best payout percentage offered by an online casino that Americans can play at is www.Slots.lv. There current payout percentage has been tested to 96.51%. In layman’s terms, you should expect to receive a little more than 96¢ back for every $1 spent over the long haul. Over a short period of time, you can experience a much greater range for the payback percentage.


      Obviously, playing at a slot machine offering a 96% average payback is going to deliver better overall odds than a slot machine paying out 85%. In our next tip, we shall describe what hit frequency is, and how this too can be used to help players select slot machines specifically suited to their bankroll.

      Using Slot Hit Frequency to Gauge Bankroll Strain

      Following our previous tip about using payback percentage to help seek out advantageous online slot machines to gamble at, we shall now go into detail about the hit frequency of slot machines and how this can be used to gauge the frequency of one’s expected winnings playing slots in an online casino.

      In the simplest of terms, hit frequency is the percentage of spins that give back winnings to the player. This is dependent upon the amount of winning combinations the slot machine Random Number Generator is programmed to deliver. Slot machines with high hit frequencies may likely deliver winning symbol combinations every three or four spins, while a machine with a low hit frequency may likely deliver winning symbol combinations every nine or ten spins.

      What this means to the player is that machines with differing hit frequencies will have differing short and long term effects on one’s bankroll. For example, low hit frequency machines pay out larger winning sums, while machines with a high hit frequency pay out smaller winning sums but with greater frequency.

      Players often ask whether the hit frequency has a direct effect on the online casinos payback percentage for a particular slot machine, and the answer to this question is no. The reason being is that a machine with a lower hit frequency will still pay back the same amount of money over the same period of time as a machine with a higher hit frequency. The casino paybacks are fewer, however, they are of a greater value than the more frequent paybacks of a machine with a high hit frequency.

      The importance of knowing a machine’s hit frequency is that it allows players to deduce how much strain their bankroll may receive over a particular period of time in the online casino. High hit machines will put less immediate strain on a bankroll, while low hit machines may put more prolonged strain on one’s bankroll.

      In order to gauge a general idea about a slot machines hit frequency at the online casinos, look at the paytable. Those with more symbol combinations and smaller payouts (most video slots are of this kind), will be of high hit frequency, while those machines offering fewer winning symbol combos and larger payouts for those that are offered, will likely deliver a low hit frequency.

        Free Soccer Bet Advice

        Posted by: Daveon: 23 Jun, 2014

        2014-world-cup-bettingBefore you get into betting on World Cup matches, you should define a goal and work at it. You will not gain it if you start betting at random, if you stake more and more money each time to regain one’s money or if you bet every day without any aim.

        Your success depends on your betting know-how, you should be able to understand statistics and odds, notice all important events inside the world of soccer.

        You will be profitable in soccer betting if you are risky and you are persistent.

        In soccer betting statistics and betting odds are key factors, sport betting odds are shown in many ways. Money line and Point Spread represent the probability of the result of the match and are the most important odds. They balance the number of bettors that will bet on both teams, so the bookie always has profits.

        What you need to take into account before betting

        1. There is no such thing as 100% winning opportunity. All sources stating that there is a sure win tip exaggerate. There is always a change to lose and don’t be too upset about it.

        2. Human beings irrespective of their experience sometimes make haste and perform wrong deeds at the wrong time. So remain calm and don’t be impetuous.

        3. If you start to win, do not raise your stakes instantly. Do not get too emotional.

        4. Even if you are extremely confident, keep yourself of placing huge betting stake. You may quickly run into a debt. There should always be a limit.

        5. Do not place a wager till the day of the match, if you want to have the most up-to-date odds movement and information.

        6. Don’t hurry and search for the best odds from the online bookie, the same is true if you are looking for a reputable online casino or poker room.

        7. Know the Enemy: For everybody new to sports gambling who’s going to start not knowing how a bookmaker operates, is to our opinion a suicide. To get involved not knowing the rules is simply crazy, as all chances should be considered to compute the likely success of any particular wager.

        8. Refrain from placing a bet on team that won 5-6 matches (Asian Handicap only) in a row.

        9. If possible, do not place bet on favorite team.

        10. You should never borrow money for betting, try to bet within your limits.

        11. The luck also affects your fortune. Sometimes, you may be on winning streak. But at times, your luck may run out. If you have been down on luck, it is advisable to take a break.

        12. Pay attention to the odds that move opposite the popular bets.

        13. Attempt to calculate YOUR chance to win the bet.

        Of course, sometimes you’ll see the odds being offered first but do not make a bet until you’ve looked through the statistics and made sure that you can statistically work out the winning chance. Working out a winning chance for a soccer team is not an easy task to do and you’d better have your own system.

        And finally, have fun! Don’t forget to have fun when you are betting. The more serious you are, the less is the chance that you will get anything out of the experience.

          Best Slots Bets

          Posted by: Daveon: 13 Feb, 2014

          Places where gambling is well regulated are your best bet places to play slot machines. For example, gambling casinos Las Vegas are required by law to have a certain pay out minimum. They have to provide slot machines with a certain pay back percentage. Las Vegas has a minimum pay back percentage of at least 75%. This means that all machines must pay back 75 cents on the dollar. With so many casinos in Vegas vying for you business, most will provide at least a 90% pay back rate.

          It is not your best bet to play slots that are not well regulated. For example, driving down I-75 on your way through Kentucky, you might see slot style machines ready and waiting to be played right there in the truck stop or convenience store. These are not the best bet for you to gamble your hard earned money on folks. Often times (okay – all the time) these machines have horrible pay back rates.

          Your slot machine gambling bet bet is to always read the fine print. Those wonderful neon signs often seen over a bank of slot machines say UP TO a specific percent pay back rate. For example, UP TO 99% payback means just that. The casino posting these signs over its slot machines are often only required to have one machine in that whole bank of slots that MUST pay out a 99% return. Which machine do you think it could be? Who knows.

          Another best bet would be to ask the change attendant working the slot area where they think the better machines are. It won’t hurt to ask. Think about it, these people have to be on the floor in the slot area for long periods of time. They are more than likely paying attention to this on a regular basis.

          Some say that casinos tend to put a better pay out slot right in the middle of a group of slot machines with no real good pay out rates. For example, if you think the machine you are playing is not the best, try the one to your right or left.

          Lastly, with the new technology these days, credits are stored in the machines as long as you play. Sometimes people walk away and don’t realize that they still have credits in the slot machine. Be on the lookout!

          Betting on Online Slots

          When it comes to playing slots at an online casino, you have a couple of other things to consider. The most important one is finding a good online casino to deposit money and play slots like the Slots.lv website. One thing that you need to understand is that there is currently no online casinos that are regulated in any state except for New Jersey. So you have to make sure that the online casino is reliable.

          The best way to make sure that the online casino is on the up and up is to read the reviews at casino forums. The most common complaint from customers is that the online casino will delay payments from people that try to cash out. The other common complaint is that the cash bonus that is offered has confusing or convoluted rules to follow.

          Once you get beyond the vetting process and find an online casino to play slots for real money, you can now go about the process of finding the video slots that give you the best chances of winning.

          Payout Percentages for Online Slots

          The best payout percentages for online slots are around 95%. These slots are few and far between. These slots have the following characteristics: fewer paylines, fewer features, no bonus rounds, no free spins, no progressive jackpot. This makes the slot a little more boring and repetitive. There may not be a lot of glitz and glamor, but you will have a better chance of winning money.

          One reason that you would want to play this type of slot machine is because you will have a better chance of winning a large payout on the reels. Anytime you receive extra features with a video slot, you will get a lower percentage chance of winning a large pay line.


          The slot to the left is called Boomanji. This slot has a lot of features. The slot to the right is called Jazz Time. It does not have a lot of features. The Jazz Time slots will have better odds to win a large payout on the reels.

          If you receive a bonus round in a slot, you will have a chance to win 20 to 40 times the amount that you wagered on the spin. When you receive free spins, you will usually get between 10 and 20 times the amount that you wagered on the spin. The instant bonus wins are about the same. Most of the 5 reel slots have Substitute symbols and Scatter symbols, these also take away from the payout percentage a little bit.

          The reason that most people plays slots is because they want to get the big payout. For most new slots, the top payout is between 2,000 and 10,000 times the amount of money that was wagered on the spin. This payout may hit an average of every 50,000 to 100,000 spins. If you are playing the slots with more of these extras, you may only expect to see this type of win every couple hundred-thousand to a half-million spins.